Saturday, 10 April 2010

Design our T-shirt & win an IPod Nano!

We have been thinking a lot about what the official ‘Never Grow Up’ T-Shirt should be like. We thought...and though and ....well...thought some more until we came up with the idea of allowing you of Never Grow Up design a t-shirt for us. (how ingenious nahin?) But wait...every contest has to have rules and a prize right?! So in the interest of humanity and fair play... here goes...

Objective: Design a unisex T-shirt (either in white or black) for ‘Never Grow Up’ based on what we do and what we stand for... check the company presentation on Slide Share (Click Here)

Who can apply? Current and future Facebook fans of Never Grow Up. You can even invite your mama, chacha, brother, behena and friends as well. The contest is also open to all designers, freelancers and anyone who wants to their share of fame.

Me...Famous? Yes, not only will we showcase all the entries on Facebook with due credits, the winning entry will also win an IPod Nano (8GB). What’s more YOU will be the one who gets the credit in the future as well. A T-shirt for the people, by the people!

How to Submit? Think of what you would like to see on a t-shirt. Send us a Jpeg + CDR / EPS file (open files) containing the design along with a small note on why you think your T-shirt design works. (Basically, you need to make it idiot proof for us) You can mail us your queries and designs at

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  1. Concept Entry # 1 : By Ameet Kapadia


    A stick figure of a child next to a stick figure of an adult. The stick figure of the adult is encircled with a diagonal line across the diameter of the circle similar to the traffic signs(Circle and line in Red colour). Copy simply says “Never Grow Up”.... See More


  2. Entries by Arina Suchde

    I was thinking the t-shirt can have a picture or caricature of an adult (male or female depending on who will be wearing the t-shirt) with a nice big colourful lolly pop in his/her and and tongue out licking it. It may sound stupid but it is a fact that no matter how old we get this is one thing everyone loves to do and remember their childhood. :)

    Another thought.. if u plan to do a series of t-shirts and u r going to be putting them on sale then u can have other similar t-shirts like an adult with a yo-yo or an adult just digging into the frosting of a big cake with his/her fingers!!

  3. Concept by Happily Unmarried :
    An Adult sign, that red A in capital
    letter with a circle around it.
    That A has a cross sign on it. A for adult.

  4. Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is Optional. Thought this suits your philosophy best. - Nilesh Talreja

    Insights on childhood our school calendars had the lamest reasons for being absent, wish we could make such excuses at work... - Nimisha Bhavsar


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