Thursday, 20 May 2010

Dhanush Baan a.k.a. Bow & Arrow a.k.a Archery

When? Sunday 13 June 2010
Where? Asmita Vidyalaya, Jogeshwari East
What’s this all about?

Remember the days of Ramayana and Mahabharata on DD when 5 episodes were devoted to arrows clashing mid-air? Or when Drona asked Arjun ‘ Batao Vatsa ... tumhe kya dikhta hai ’ ? Well, it's time to relive those memories, learn about an Olympic sport, understand the intricacies of how Arjun (from the gang of the Pandavas) did the cool stuff on TV, practice at a 5 & 10 meter range under the guidance of a Archery coach and have a lot of fun all in one day ! Welcome to our Workshop on ‘Bow and Arrow’ a.k.a. Archery!

So what’s in store that day?
The Archery workshop shall cover details and intricacies about this Olympic sport, teach you about the different kinds of bows (Indian, compound and recurve) used and how this sport can help you remain more focussed. There will be a bit of theory (not much) followed by Dry runs, tons of practice sessions and even a small team based competition amongst participants. Somewhere between this, if you are not too engrossed or exhausted playing bow and arrow, we will have lunch :)

About the Archery Coach
After a brief stint at Phillips India, Subhash Nair, driven by his passion, decided to be a sportsman. After being trained in the sport @ Malaysia, he has been practicing archery for the last 10 years (6 of which have been as a coach). He is a state level medallist and a National level player of this game and holds the distinction of being a Qualified National Archery coach has trained several national level players giving us a medal in International archery competitions.

I’m in...How do I register?
To register, call 9892338317 or drop us a mail at or click on the link below to pay online.
Click here !

How do I get to the venue?
Take the Western Express Highway and keep coming straight from the domestic airport. After a couple of small highways, take the exit near the Jogeshwari flyover. The place is a school just before Raheja Titanium and Standard Chartered building and is opposite the CRPF Camp. The place is approximately 8 minutes away from the domestic airport.

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