Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Nature Trail for the Parent & Child !

We promised you something different and here we are!
Welcome to an opportunity of moving at life’s natural pace, where there's no room for boredom or stress, and exploration turns into a delightful adventure!

What? An Introductory 1 Day Workshop to introduce you and your child to a sensory outdoor experience & spot wildlife right in our habitat around Bengaluru!

When? Sunday, 03rd October 2010. 

Where? Bannerghatta Forest Reserve

What’s this all about? We at Never Grow Up believe in the innate connection between Nature and the child within us. Whether at home, in your backyard or your Local /National Park, experts and families agree that constant interaction with nature gives you happier, healthier and smarter children and families.

So what’s in store that day? It's another typical fun Sunday Never Grow Up ‘Experience’ .The workshop will start sharp @ 8:30 am. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Carry your cameras and look forward to a time to Unplug, relax and explore!
We'll be guided by Kaushik who is a certified wilderness medic, an avid traveler and wildlife enthusiast. Joining us also will be Gregory Barreto who is a herpetologist and a photographer. In fact he has discovered two new species of snake and has created a comprehensive inventory of snake species around Bangalore and assisted on wildlife documentary films. How cool is that?

Why do a Parent Child Workshop? In nature, children use all their senses at the same time, getting them to observe, ask questions and figure out things that have a lot of parts to them. The richness in the outdoors is far more stimulating than watching television or playing electronic games. There is a place for all that too but there are absolutely no substitutes for what experience nature brings to your child’s development.

I’m in...How do I register? To book your seat, call +91 9008727700 or write to us at after you checked the attached image.

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