Monday, 22 November 2010

All Work & No Play ?

What can one say.... we love our job... and am sure that I don’t want to be doing anything else. Guess we are lucky enough to follow our respective passions? But, this comes at a see because we love our job, we also end up spending more hours in our workplace. Take on new assignments...push the envelope et al. We start early and access our blackberry before we brush our teeth...why ? It’s addictive...and hold on.... we also love what we do. But you see, no matter how much you love your job... all work and no play is ..(for lack of a better term) not a good habit. Pursuing hobbies as an adult is just as important as when you were a kid. It's important for one to strike a balance between work, home, relaxation and one's hobbies. Hobbies, in particular, provide a nice balance to work, and should be taken more seriously.
On a personal level....As a child, I would love my trips to the toy store. Those few minutes spend admiring a GIJOE was something I could just not break away from. There were scale models of tanks and weapons, and also the action figures with a story line. More like the figures of a Decepticon or a Prime from Transformers. Being a kid, I usually didn't have enough money to buy most of the things I longed for, but just being there and looking at it all was a thrilling experience. And then, there was music and craft class. A session to unleash our creativity to an extent where no idea was funny or impossible...Sigh! Magical days....
As we grow older, we kinda loose the youthful ability to get excited over such small things and hobbies. I guess the daily rut of our lives takes a toll. Things don’t look that attractive. And in the Indian scenario, it’s the fact that we have grown up. I mean... would you really be ok seen in the kiddie toys section trying out new arrivals?
A few years ago a few friends made a conscious effort to get back into hobbies, and it's really made a difference to their lives. They are ...a lot happier. Hobbies need not be expensive, also the enjoyment you get out of them is worth taking out the time for. There's so much interesting and fascinating stuff out there today that no one should have a problem finding something to engage in and enjoy. Photography, for example, offers lots of opportunities both indoors and outdoors. Dancing, yoga, playing a musical instrument, pottery, art... you name it.... All you gotta do is take a moment to smell the roses and pursue your hobbies. After all, life is not just work ~

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