Friday, 10 December 2010

My Workspace ~ My Style !

It’s a fact that most of us work long hours... sometimes six days a week ~ ten hours straight!  And then we go to sleep! Which means that majority of the time we are awake is spent in our little cubicle (or a corner office if you have one). If most of the time we are awake is spent at office, why should that space be boring? Presenting...
What’s this all about?
If your work involves sitting in front of the computer screen for all your working hours then this is for you. My Workspace is a super cool service where you can get us to design or decorate your cubicle or office space based on your personality and liking. You tell us a bit about yourself and we come back with ideas to design your workspace – your style without making any structural changes to your cubicle. (We do understand that your company already has a fixed layout and that your boss is okay with this).

Sounds interesting... How do we begin?
To us, each cubicle is special :) Click here !  to get started by telling us a bit about yourself. The next step would be to send us a photo of your cubicle or office and we will take it from there! If you are not really sure of what all this entails, feel free to write to us at with your contact details and we will get back :)
How do I make this work for my office and team?
For starters, share this with your boss and the HR Team :)
If you are part of the HR team, of course we can implement this for the entire office. If you have the desire to make your office a cool space to be in (also be spoken about), all you gotta do is  give us a brief (and a budget) or just ask us how we can turn your office around so that your employees look forward to coming to work on a Monday. After all, they do spend most of their time in the week at work!

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