Friday, 11 February 2011

The Too Crazy 2 B Normal Contest !

Step1. Think of the day you or your friends were out doing something totally crazy... & someone was quick to catch u in the act. (You know...the photos / videos that make you laugh about now and say... what a crazy day that was!) Heck even a quote that reminds you of the crazy days will do!

Step2. Post or upload that Photo / Video on the NEVER GROW UP WALL on our FB PAGE! (Here it is :

Credits : Google Images
Step3: Tag / tell your friends; get them to vote for you! (By liking your photo/comment/video) Extra points for the number of votes your entry gets! After all, we like what people like

Step4. WIN GOODIES! ~ The best entry wins an iPod Shuffle and two more entries win fun vouchers / goodies and other fun stuff Special prize for the best video !

Contest Rules and Guidelines:
1. You can post / upload a maximum of 5 photos and 2 videos per person. 2. Every entry is special! (duh) Decisions of the judges shall be binding.3. Prizes will be sent within a week after the contest ends. 4. Last date for submission is 25th February 2011 ~ 11:30 pm! 5. Contest is open to beings across the galaxy. No Bar ! Only Baar Baar !

See ya on the other side:) ~ The Team @ Never Grow Up

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