Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Story Goes Like This...

It is always nice when you see that what you do connects with people… especially people across the globe! A couple of weeks back, we got a FB post and email from Brian Davis from New Jersey – a bright and young music producer J who has been following Never Grow Up on Facebook. He mentioned that he had come up with something for us… something special! Brian shared a track called ‘BREAKTIME’ a beat that was sampled from a soundtrack that he was listening to sometime last year in order to get some new ideas for his production and thought that this would very well fit us as a theme for Never Grow Up. Well… one thing led to another and he graciously accepted to share the track that he had made thinking about his life at his past retail job and which will feature on his up and coming project.

As Brian mentioned in a mail to us “To me, the beat “Break time” would state that sometimes you just need a bit of time to enjoy yourself during the work week. We all want to enjoy doing what we love for a living, instead of living from paycheck to paycheck, at the end of the day, I rather produce music for a living but I know it’s not gonna happen overnight without hard work and dedication to my craft.” The original name of the song which was sampled is called ‘Can’t catch a break’ it was composed by Mashashi Hamauzu who is best known for his work on the Final Fantasy Series. This beat fits well with the Never Grow up theme since throughout adulthood you don’t get as much break time as expected. You have more responsibilities as you grow older such as bills, work, school, etc. but it is the best time when you can just relax and do what you enjoy doing during your free time - Never Grow Up, Keep your inner child alive”

We at Never Grow Up are super duper excited and happy to share that very track with you  :) Check out : . And to Brian, a BIG Thank You for sharing this and letting us have the track. It is such feedback and support from fans and friends that makes us believe in what we do! Cheers ! 

The Instrumental or beat has been composed and produced by Brian Davis Jr. who goes under the alias Inspirmentalist and is based out of New Jersey, USA.  

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