Thursday, 16 May 2013

' I've Had Enough '

We've all had those days when we've 'Had enough' and want to pop a letter to the management and say' I resign'. Well, we are going to let you do that with the added benefit that anything you say cannot be held against you and if you are able to blow us away, we give you a prize ! 

Here's what you need to do ?  [Step 1] Submit the coolest resignation letter you can come up with, as a comment on the contest post on our Facebook wall and  [Step 2] Get as many friends as you can to like your comment before the contest deadline. ✿ The entry with the maximum number of likes wins super cool goodies and gets featured on our blog. 

Is there a catch? None except one. You cannot simply lift a letter off the net. It has to be your creation. Hurry! Contest ends 6:00 p.m. on 24 May 2013. 

Here's the winning entry. Congratulations to Kali Rawat on winning this contest. 

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