Friday, 31 December 2010

Our Happy Wala Birthday :)

Its 1/1/11 and also the day we turn One :) Yippie !!! It's our Happy Wala Birthday today :) While we announce the festivities for the month...we though of sharing a bit about our roller coaster ride.

Exactly a year back, amidst rumours of quitting and joining competition ('We are starting up' is one of the fundas you get to hear in the corporate circle when someone does not want to disclose where they are joining next) 1.5 of us started working full-time on this venture... 1 person full time and another part-time. Now, thanks to a few like-minded people, our team has grown... As the year began, it was all about thrashing ideas and execution...tough questions and dilemas...about the road ahead...

Having said that...This has also been THE year of new, crazy and totally contagious ideas, a few new services (we have more coming up), loads of fun and the law of the universe. Yes, the learning has been step at a time... and then ofcourse, we found YOU ! As we looked back at this year, and searched for that one thing that has kept us going, it has been You :)
Every time that we've reached out to you, we have never come back empty handed ! All those people who have loved us, liked us, joined us, advised, supported, partnered with us and most importantly... believed in a start-up like ours.This one goes out to You ! After all,who in their right mind calls their start up ' Never Grow up ' huh ?

Cheers !
The Gang of Loonies
@Never Grow Up's a new NGU Desktop Wallpaper. Available for download at . Have fun ya all :P  

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