Saturday, 1 January 2011

Get ready for the first Monday in 2011 :)

The New Year has begun! While the hangovers may have gone, the party spirit lives on. As we approach the first Monday of 2011, for all those going back to work ... here's a little something to spruce up your Life @ Work and make it fun! 11 brand new Office dares to do in 2011! Each dare gets you 5 points. Go ahead and make the most of this... while you can :)

# Put post-its all over your boss’s desk saying My Boss Bestest! (Extremely relevant if you have quarterly appraisals)
# Set up a mini golf kit @ work and shout ‘Goaaall’ every time you succeed.
# On a particular day, shake hands with everyone you see and say ‘Subah Ho Gayi Mamu’
# For one week, during lunch hour, in the cafeteria, clap once every five minutes!

# Send flowers to yourself and blush every time someone asks you about it!
# At the water cooler, tear the paper cups to make a collage that says ‘I know what you did on New Year’s. Give me 1 Million dollars’ # Now write your email below the collage ~ 10 points.
# During a staff meeting, fold your legs on the chair and go ‘Whooosaaa... breathe...breathe...this is just a test’
# Juggle stuff while talking to your colleagues. 5 points extra if you can do this while talking to your boss!
# Staple every single page in the weekly forecast report and hand over copies to everyone.
# Put up a huge red ribbon around your head (or a bandanna) for one whole day and say ‘I am Superman. The King of Gondor’ when someone asks you why you are doing this.

P.S: While we take no responsibility of what may happen to you in the days to come, feel free to reach out if you can think of more dares:) © Never Grow Up. All rights reserved.

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