Saturday, 26 March 2011

To Bunk or Not to Bunk !

With interesting Cricket World Cup matches around the corner, you may find yourself in the eternal dilemma ' To Bunk Work or Not to Bunk ' . In case you have had a tough time deciding, here are some excuses to Bunk work ! Looks like attendance will be low this Wednesday :P  
Before we share the list remember the things you need to give a solid excuse i.e. 

1. Confidence - Don't falter while talking. If necessary rehearse. You can sound sick... but that too with confidence. 
2. Be realistic - The dog cannot eat the research document on your laptop. Also, if you are strong enough to travel 30 kms to the nearest doctor and come back alone, you can pretty much make it to work. 
3. Cover your tracks - Some people tend to go all out to check if you are lying so remember to use these at your own risk :P

  • My Mind and Body are in constant conflict since morning. Mind wants me to attend work, but my body wants to chill ! Guess my Body won the fight :)
  • I have a terrible Back ache, can I work from home today ?
  • Allergic Reactions to exotic jelly fish you made me eat last week at the office party.
  • You have the biggest attack of Loose Motions ever !!! 
  • You are locked in your own car hence reachable on phone :)
  • You were all dressed and on your way to work and you twisted your ankle. You should be back in action tomorrow.
  • Your closest maternal-aunts first cousins-sister's best friend has met with an accident and you are the SOS Contact !
  • Your imaginary friend has just found kryptonite and you need to check if Superman exists ! 
  • Your local neighborhood SERIAL KILLER is waiting for you outside your door and it would therefore, be detrimental to your security to try to get to work
  • If you move and inch from your Loo, your team looses the match . Cite examples of the last 4 world cups :) 
  • Your 5 year old cousin has accidentally 'super glued ' you to the couch !
    P.S. This list is brought to you in collaboration with the oh so imaginary Department of Dummy Excuses !

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