Saturday, 26 March 2011


The “Get Witty Witty” Contest ~ It's time to put on your thinking caps and get creative and witty. Take part in the Get Witty Witty contest and win loads of goofy goodies!!! Here's what you need to do...
Step 1: Go through all the photos in the Get Witty Witty contest album here

Step 2: Submit a fun line (whatever you can think of) that suits the image as a comment to the photo. There are 8 Photos in all. You can post a comment below each photo :)

Step 3: Share this and spread the word Two best entries and comments win loads of goodies!!!

Contest Rules:
1.Open to all earthlings till Friday 8th April 2011.
2.You can submit more than one comment per photo but you need to submit a line for each of the 8 photos to be eligible for the prizes
3.Judges decision will be final and binding :)

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