Monday, 25 July 2011

The JUMPSTART Workshop !

Welcome to Jumpstart! A brand new (never-seen-before) fun workshop from Never Grow UpTM

When? Sunday 07 August 2011
Time? 10 am to 4 pm
Venue? Cool Chef Cafe, Worli, Mumbai

What’s this all about?
Inside each one of us is a tightly sealed box. Over the years the lock’s gotten rusty and grime and dust have gobbled it up. This box contains innate creativity, common sense, spontaneity and many more talents and attributes you thought you never had or have long forgotten. We say it’s time to find that box, dust it off, open that lid, break the regular pattern and let out the awesomeness!!!

The Jumpstart program is a collection of various fun and super cool activities. It aims at breaking the monotony and breathing new life. The mediums are fun and discovery. Jumpstart entails numerous brain-teasing, path-breaking, entertaining, confidence building activities assimilated from varied sources such right from Theatre to Bollywood :) Yes ! even bollywood :) Sounds interesting na ? 

So go ahead! Discover; Enjoy and Jumpstart your life!

To register and / or pay online, log on to . For any queries / questions and discounts on group bookings or to know more about how this will help you, write to us at  

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