Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Crazy (Not so wet) Office Contest!

Our life at work takes up 2/3rd of the time that we are awake. It forms the biggest part of our daily routine and ends up being in our conversations over coffee and drinks! These are the ones that normally revolve around what a ______ place my office is or how _______ my boss is! What we want you to do is this...

Tell us about the funniest / craziest / wackiest line or quote or dialogue you have ever heard while at work or over conversations at the water cooler or office.  These can also be lines that you’d love to wear on a badge or a not so wet T-shirt. Try and be as original as possible J You can even submit pictures to add that extra zing! (Enough with the hints)

To submit your entry, post your line on our Facebook fan page WALL Contest ends on 2nd July @ 9:00 pm IST. One lucky winner with the most creative line gets an Ipod Shuffle! It’s that simple! 

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