Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Two New Reads !

1. At work, Indians fifth most vacation-deprived: India is the fifth most vacation-deprived nation in the world as the average Indian employee does not use a fifth of the total number of paid days leave allocated in a year. The reasons vary from disapproving bosses to affordability, lack of planning and the outlook that vacations are a luxury and not a necessity.

2. Holiday? Not if you work in Mumbai: Work ethos is not for the faint-hearted and the results of a recent survey show that when it comes to taking days off from work to go on a holiday, Mumbaikars rank the lowest among other metro cities. Only 32% of employees in Mumbai surveyed said that they took 21-to 30 days off in a year. In comparison, Delhi employees have a more relaxed attitude: 37% of Delhiites said they take 21-30 days off a year. Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai stood at 34%. And even applying for leave is no guarantee that employees actually get to enjoy their planned vacation.

Source :, Dec 01, 2011

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