Friday, 9 December 2011

Internships @ Never Grow Up !

We have opportunities for talented individuals with a flair for writing and a love for words ! If you think you fit the bill, tell us a bit about yourself, your work & how we can reach you by clicking here :)

We are also looking for a design intern! If you think you have what it takes, (you are creative, have a passion for design and you actually know a few design tools), you have so got to apply. This is a month long internship open for anyone with a passion for ideas no matter which part of the globe you are in. So here's your chance to be famous in Never Grow Up Land ! Who knows, you may never want to leave :) All you need to do to apply is tell us what you're doing in life at the moment and email us a link to your blog or send us some of your work at

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  1. Ok, so I came here through a friend... I love writing but I've been a Technical Writer in the past... :-p (not so fun ha!).. I think I am a little creative- check out my blog

    Can I fit in anywhere?! :D


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  3. Sure thing Smita :) There is always room for talent :) Lets start by sharing some details on this link (copy paste it to your browser). This will give us a fair idea about how we can take things ahead !

  4. Darn! I forgot to subscribe to this post and never saw your reply!!


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